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Michelle Penelope King is a global expert on culture and equality at work. She is an author, podcast host, writer, TEDX speaker and thought leader who helps companies and leaders build belonging at work.

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Michelle King is a globally recognised expert on gender equality and organisational culture. Based on over a decade’s worth of research Michelle believes that to tackle inequality we need to fix workplace cultures so that they work for everyone.

She is the host of a popular podcast called The Fix. Michelle is the author of the bestselling, award-winning book: The Fix: Overcome the Invisible Barriers that are Holding Women Back at Work. Michelle has been featured in The Economist, Harvard Business Review, CNBC, CNN Business, Fortune, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Time, Business Insider, The Times, Daily Mail and LinkedIn Editors.

Michelle is the founder of The Culture Practice, a global consultancy that provides leaders with the assessment, development, and inclusion coaching needed to build cultures of equality at work. In addition, Michelle is a Senior Advisor to the UN Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign, where she leads the NextGen Leadership Development Program, which enables young women to navigate and overcome the barriers to their success. She also heads up a global Leadership Inclusion Academy with Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute.

Prior to this Michelle was the Director of Inclusion at Netflix, and before that she was the head of UN Women’s Global Innovation Coalition for Change, which includes managing over 30 private sector partnerships as well to accelerate the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment. Michelle has two decades of international experience working in the private sector.

Michelle is a published award-winning academic with a Masters in Industrial-Organisational Psychology, an MBA, a Post Graduate Degree in Journalism and she is due to complete her Ph.D. in 2021.

While the focus is on women in this book, King is not blind to others facing barriers too - men themselves who deviate from the Don Draper model, for example, and others who are perceived as not fitting in. Fixing the workplace to help women will lead to fixing the workplace for all because, King concludes, 'it is the only way companies will survive the inevitable changes to come.'

In each of her roles, Michelle lends her expertise to advance gender equality and to enhance opportunity and achievement for women globally...

In 2019 Women Tech Founders, a Chicago-based organisation dedicated to advancing women in the tech industry, awarded Michelle with the 2019 Inspiring Innovator Award, for her outstanding achievements in the sector.

Michelle is an advisory board member for Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girl campaign and she is also an advocate for Dress for Success, an organisation that works to economically empower women worldwide.

Currently, Michelle is represented by the London Speakers Bureau and regularly speaks at numerous conferences and private sector events including Ellevate Network Conference, Amazon, EY, Nasdaq, She Summit, TedX Bushwick, Texas Conference for Women, SXSW, The Female Quotient, and the Pennsylvania Conference for Women.

In 2019, Michelle’s TedX Chelsea Park talk, 'It’s Not You, It’s Your Workplace', was widely praised for shedding light on the greatest’s barrier to women’s advancement at work - gender denial.

Michelle contributes to Forbes and Thrive Global on the topic of women’s advancement at work and she has been published in Harvard Business Review.

Michelle’s book THE FIX: Overcome the Invisible Barriers that are Holding Women Back at Work, provides insights into the challenges women face at work and how to build workplaces that work for women. It received a Silver medal in the 2020 Axiom Business Book Awards within the Women/Minorities in the Business category. 'THE FIX' spent three months at the top of best seller lists.

Arianna Huffington

So much about the world of work-from workplace culture to our definition of success-was created by men, and it's not working for women or indeed for men. And it's no surprise that women pay a disproportionately high price for their participation. That's why it (this book) is so important. It's a passionate, practical roadmap for addressing inequality and finally making our workplaces work for women.

Arianna Huffington, Author and Founder, The Huffington Post and Thrive Global