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The Fix is a weekly podcast that shares stories of people who are innovating and taking action to advance equality in the workplace and beyond. The show is narrated by Michelle King, a global gender equality expert, who weaves in actionable insights and tips that everyone can apply in their workplace. Each week on the show Michelle interviews entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders, academics and celebrities. In each episode, listeners can discover how to create workplaces that work for everyone and take steps to build a gender equal world.

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Amazing guests and interesting discussions
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A great calibre of guests thoughtfully interviewed. They are a digestible length and the format is very geared towards allowing a rich and insightful discussion. The host is consistently excellent. I'm looking forward to seeing who the upcoming guests are - maybe Michelle Obama?!
Through honest, thought-provoking conversations
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The Fix podcast sparks powerful dialogue around girl’s and women’s empowerment. Michelle King convenes diverse thought leaders from fields including technology, media and politics, all of whom share personal and actionable insights on advancing gender equality.
Michelle King's podcast is like no other
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highlighting the stories of women who are driving innovation across every sphere of life. Her interviews crackle with intelligence, wit and passion that enlightens as well as engages both women and men.