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If you’re looking for an expert on the topic of culture, gender and equality at work, then you have found the right person. With nearly two decades of experience and five degrees, Michelle comes armed with a wealth of knowledge and, more importantly, practical advice from having worked with numerous international organizations and leaders in this area. Her message is deeply relatable, practical, and proven — and it is changing workplaces around the world to work for women and men. Whether you’re trying to motivate your leadership teams or foster greater understanding of how all employees can put equality into and create a culture of inclusion, Michelle will not only inspire your audience to change, but also explain how they can do this.

"Michelle is not only extremely knowledgeable with her background and research on gender inequality, but she applies those insights specifically to the workplace and brings it to life. Michelle has a truly unique way of connecting with her audience. She makes the research come to life and provides real “a-ha” moments and practical takeaways that can be applied in any organization.”

Claudia Chan, CEO SHE Globl

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Axiom Silver medal women / minorities in business
Global Awards Speaker of the year
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Michelle is a speaker who sparks fires in her audiences around the issues she cares about. Her in-depth knowledge and insights, paired with her ability to clearly and vividly create the case for its importance, is a unique gift to the groups she speaks to. Our community still asks us about Michelle and where to access her talks and upcoming events

Jenn Lishansky, Founder of Be Social Change

Example speaker topics

These topics are covered in a range of formats, from keynotes, fireside chats, question and answer sessions, webinars and in-depth workshops.

The COVID-19 Workplace: How To Practise Inclusion

How Inequality Works At Work And What You Can Do To Fix It

Why D&I Initiatives are failing men and women and what to do about it

Why Gender Equality Benefits Men: Understanding The Barriers Men Face

Equality: Your invitation to lead

How To Prepare For The Post Pandemic Workplace

Enabling The Next Generation Of Women Leaders: What Women Need To Know Before They Start Work

Removing The Invisible Barriers Working Mothers and Fathers Face

Preparing Women Leaders To Lead: Navigating The Invisible Barriers

Success Partners: What Allyship Is And How To Apply It At Work

Overcoming the greatest barrier to women’s advancement at work: Gender Denial

Understanding difference at work: How to apply intersectional thinking

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5 Reasons to book Michelle King

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Global Expert

Michelle is a globally recognised, award-winning expert in the DEI field.


Latest DEI Research and Leading Practice

Michelle has 5 degrees, and over 10 years studying inequality, she reveals insights that every workplace needs.



Michelle’s passion, energy and expertise are the power behind her events, as she takes difficult topics and breaks them down into easily applied actions.



Michells expertise covers all things culture and equality, as such she can custom-design virtual events that keep any audience engaged and focused.


Tools and takeaways

Your audience will be energised, motivated, and empowered to put equality into action using the tools and resources Michelle shares.

That's not all.

Online Training

As an expert in organisational culture, equity and equality Michelle helps audiences understand how inequality works and what they can do to tackle it.

Virtual Events

Michelle’s passion, energy and expertise are the power behind her custom-designed virtual events that keep any audience engaged and focused.

Fireside chats

Michelle delivers the awareness and understanding needed to take action! Audiences consistently rate Michelle a five-star experience and “the highlight” of any event.

Audience Q&A

Michelle’s favorite part of any event is the audience Q&A. Personal questions straight from the audience provide a customised experience for your events.


Michelle provides audiences with compelling masterclasses that will challenge and teach leaders, DEI professionals, and employees to build workplaces that work for everyone!

Board and Executive Advisory Sessions

Michelle provides bespoke, in-depth strategy engagement sessions for boards and executive committees where she unpacks the latest practices and research to inform any DEI strategy.

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