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This year, I had the honor of interviewing leaders from top organizations about many challenges women face at work. Often though, the solutions tend to focus on women later on in their careers. This week on the podcast, Mary Hamilton, Managing Director at Accenture Labs shared findings, from a new report by Accenture titled, Getting To Equal 2018: Young Leaders.

The report reveals that women aged 30 and under will experience several barriers to their advancement within the first five years of working life. One of the key challenges women face early on is pay parity.

In unpacking Accenture’s report, it’s evident that pay inequality among young men and women is driven by a difference in access to digital skills training and opportunities for technical roles as well as professional development. Women also face challenges with obtaining mentors and gaining entry into organizational networks.
To address this, workplaces need to prioritize gender equality from the time women enter the workforce. Generally, this includes three things including, leaders who are willing to take action, diversity efforts that include men and workplace practices that encourage employees to be themselves.
In organizations with a culture of equality women are six times more likely to rise to senior manager positions and twice as likely to report job satisfaction and an intention to remain with the organization.
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