Michelle has a wide range of presenting and speaking experience, both on and off the camera. Michelle can talk on a range of topics both as an academic and a practitioner. Michelle tries provide key insights and practical solutions for how to advance women in every aspect of organizational life.

Topics Michelle regularly speaks on include:

• The power of positive workplace politics

• Why everyone needs to develop political skills

• How to manage perceptions and reputation
   to advance your career

• How networks really work

• Unconscious bias

• Advancing women in STEM

• Gender and the future of Innovation

• Creating diverse and inclusive workplaces

• Overcoming the barriers to women’s
   advancement at work

• Why diversity programs don’t work
   (and what to do about it)


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Michelle has hosted and presented a range of
workshops for senior executives, to develop
strategies or simply expand current approaches
to advancing women in the workplace. Michelle
can provide a set format for these sessions or develop
a tailored approach to suit your organizations needs.

Listen to a talk Michelle King gave at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women which had over 17,000 attendees and featured former
First Lady, Michelle Obama.

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