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Cheryl Eisen: Building a Fempire

Have you ever wondered what a workplace designed for women and run by women would look like? What about an all women run and owned business that generates one million dollars in annual revenue?

They do exist – and on today’s podcast, we’ll be unpacking what this workplace looks like with Founder and CEO of Interior Marketing Group, Cheryl Eisen. In this episode, Cheryl talks about how she built a culture that supports and empowers women and why this is critical to the organization's success.



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"Through honest, thought-provoking conversations, the SHE INNOVATES podcast sparks powerful dialogue around girl’s and women’s empowerment. Michelle King convenes diverse thought leaders from fields including technology, media and politics, all of whom share personal and actionable insights on advancing gender equality. I was honored to be a guest on the podcast, and continue to talk about how we at HP are working to help bridge the gender digital divide; how good innovation stems from true inclusion; and how, as a leader, I work every day to recognize and eliminate unconscious bias within myself and in others so that we can all become better advocates for gender equality worldwide. Being a part of this community has helped raise visibility for our work with an engaged audience, and continues to provide new insights to inform and support our strategy going forward. This is a must-listen for anyone engaged in the fight for greater gender equality."

– Nathan Hurst
HP’s Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer