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SHE Innovates is a podcast that shares the stories, challenges, and triumphs of women across innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. The podcast features a range of business leaders, innovators, thought leaders and even celebrities. So join us on an exciting journey as we discover how women are innovating to advance equality and how each of us can champion innovations that meet the needs of women and girls.

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Mary Hamilton: Culture of Equality

We've probably all heard the term glass ceiling, which is used to describe the invisible barriers that prevent women from advancing to senior leadership roles. The general view is that women face this barrier later on in their career. But what if this isn't the case?

Managing Director at Accenture Labs Mary Hamilton joins us on the podcast today for a deeper dive into their report, "Getting To Equal 2018: Spotlight on Young Leaders". Mary will share with us the factors that drive inequality among millennial women. She’ll also reveal key actions that leaders and organizations can take to remove these barriers.



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"Through honest, thought-provoking conversations, the SHE INNOVATES podcast sparks powerful dialogue around girl’s and women’s empowerment. Michelle King convenes diverse thought leaders from fields including technology, media and politics, all of whom share personal and actionable insights on advancing gender equality. I was honored to be a guest on the podcast, and continue to talk about how we at HP are working to help bridge the gender digital divide; how good innovation stems from true inclusion; and how, as a leader, I work every day to recognize and eliminate unconscious bias within myself and in others so that we can all become better advocates for gender equality worldwide. Being a part of this community has helped raise visibility for our work with an engaged audience, and continues to provide new insights to inform and support our strategy going forward. This is a must-listen for anyone engaged in the fight for greater gender equality."

– Nathan Hurst
HP’s Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer