Michelle has curated a series of interactive masterclasses to enable all employees to put equality into practice and embed diversity, equity and inclusion into every aspect of working life.

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Our learning series provides interactive virtual or in-person bitesize learning modules to enable employees to advance their knowledge of foundational diversity and inclusion topics, understand how this shows up in their workplace and importantly how to take action every day to build a workplace that works for everyone. Transforming the behaviours, norms, and cultures in a team begins with ensuring employees are paying attention to the inequality moments that happen and taking action to manage them. As employees take action, they will begin to understand how making workplaces more inclusive and equal serves to benefit them. This is equality in action.

Our Theory of Change: From Awareness To Action

Creating a culture of equality is not a ‘nice to have’, it is a fundamental business imperative. The number one barrier to advancing diversity and inclusion is the denial of inequality at work, which is the belief that workplaces work for everyone in the same way.

When employees believe workplaces work for everyone in the same way, because everyone is the same, they deny difference and different experiences of working life. Companies cannot simply launch off-the-shelf solutions and expect results. Instead, they need to treat inclusion like any other business priority by engaging men and women to own the solution.

Based on nearly two decades of research, our development programmes are based on the following theory of change:


Employees need to disrupt their denial about difference, and different experiences of working life, by creating awareness of how inequality reveals itself in their organisation.

Awareness Masterclasses

  • How Inequality Works At Work And What We Can Do To Fix It
  • Overcoming The Greatest Barrier To Equality At Work: Gender Denial
  • Unpacking The 4P’s Of Inequality
  • How To Apply Intersectional Thinking To Understand Difference
  • Diversity, Inclusion And Equity: The New Leadership Paradigm


To solve inequality, employees need to understand how it is experienced in their team, department and organisation so that they can manage the moments that matter.

Understanding Masterclasses

  • Unpacking Difference At Work: Getting To Know The Isims
  • Cultural Competency: Bridging Global Differences
  • LGBTQIA+ Inclusion: Valuing Difference At Work
  • Navigating A Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Disability Inclusion: Making Your Workplace Work For Everyone
  • Trans And Non-Binary Inclusion
  • Psychological Safety: The Foundation Of Equality
  • How Women Can Navigate The 17 Invisible Barriers To Their Advancement At Work
  • If Only I Had Known That Earlier In My Career: Overcoming The Barriers Women Face Starting Out In Their Careers
  • How To Build Family-Friendly Workplaces
  • How Men Can Advance Equality And Why This Benefits Them
  • Equality: Your Invitation To Lead


To solve inequality, we need to treat it like any other business problem. The aim is to make equality the way leaders lead, employees behave and workplaces work.

Action Masterclasses

  • Managing For Equality: How To Attract, Develop, Retain And Value Difference
  • Becoming A Conscious Decision Maker: Beyond Unconscious Bias
  • How To Build A Culture Of Equality
  • The Five Practices Of Inclusive Leadership
  • Becoming A Champion For Change
  • Beyond Allyship: How To Become Success Partners At Work
  • Inclusive Communication: How To Adopt Inclusive Language At Work

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