Kate Hudson  Actress & Businesswoman. Founder of Fabletics.

Kate Hudson
Actress & Businesswoman.
Founder of Fabletics.


Number one is authenticity. If you are doing something that is authentic to you and you are passionate about, then you are already successful. Then your drive will be there and no part of it will feel like grunt work. Authenticity is key so take your time with that and don’t get discouraged if something takes time.

You must know when to give up, or when it doesn’t work. There are certain times when I know in my gut that I need to push through things or when I just need to move on from an idea or product that isn’t working. You do have to know when to let go and switch course.

When I look at women who are not feeling good about themselves, I feel like it starts internally. At some point, we have to realize that no matter what we do on the outside contentment can only come internally. It is about understanding and feeling good about yourself no matter where you are at. We are all going to get old and change and gain weight at some point. We have to find out what really matters to us and that just can’t be external.