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Business Communications

Learn the importance of business communications and a simple framework you can use to improve your business communication skills. 

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Business Email

Learn how to write business emails that effectively communicate with customers and suppliers. Explore how to create professional and appropriate business emails for any situation.

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Effective Presentations

Learn how to create slide presentations that are well-designed and targeted to particular audiences. Make sure that you express what you want to say clearly, through the use of effective text, images, and examples.

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Effective Leadership

Discover different leadership approaches and understand when and how to use them to be a more effective leader. Learn how to become a stronger and more effective leader in all aspects of business.

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Presenting Data

Learn about different types of charts and graphs that can help people understand and value your business. Discover how to create effective charts using spreadsheet software. Learn how to choose the right kind of chart for the information you want to convey.



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Starting a Small Business

Learn the steps to starting a small business and create a business plan.

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Design Thinking

Learn basic concepts to identify, define, explore, generate and test ideas to solve difficult problems. Users will develop a working knowledge of the design thinking process.

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Strategic Planning

Learn to use a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis to choose the best strategies to help your business reach its long-term goals. Look into how you can start today.

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Social Entrepreneurship

Discover how to build a financially sound business idea that will solve a problem in your community.



Basics of Finance

Learn basic concepts of business finance that help you calculate expenses and find out when you will make a profit. Explore using a spreadsheet to easily make necessary calculations.

Profit and Loss

Learn to calculate profit and loss (P&L) considering all costs, including your hidden expenses. Find out how to customize a P&L spreadsheet to fit your business.

Finding Funding

Explore sources for start-up funds for your business. Identify which sources are the best match for your needs and learn what to consider before you apply. Explore how to search the Internet to find potential funders and then bookmark sites you find using social bookmarking. Finally, learn how to download and print applications for funding.


Cash Flow

Explore how to monitor and track your cash flow. Learn how to customize a spreadsheet to track your cash flow. Learn why cash flow is important to your business, and how to make decisions based on the research and results you gather.

Sales Forecasting

Learn why sales forecasting is important for your business and how to gather information to make a sales forecast. Learn how to customize a spreadsheet to track your sales forecast. Learn how to gather the important information needed to create your sales forecast.




Social Media Marketing

Explore a range of different social media marketing campaigns. Learn how to create a social media advertisement that will reach your target customers.


Effective Business Websites

Learn how to build a user-friendly website that meets your business goals and effectively reaches your target audience. Learn how to use a web tool to create a website. 


Unique Value Proposition

Explore how you can differentiate your business from your competitors' businesses. Learn how to search the Internet more effectively.

Marketing Benefits vs. Features

 Learn how to effectively promote the advantages of your products or services to your target audience in order to help you increase sales. Learn how to use templates to create marketing materials. 


Your Target Audience

Explore how you can gather information about your customers and potential customers. Learn how to focus your actions on maximizing your impact on that target audience.


Setting Prices

Explore how to price your products and services effectively. Learn how to use word processing software to customize tables that help track information you gather to set your prices. Learn what research to complete to determine prices for your products and services.


Selling Online

Learn how to maximize the use of selling online in your business. Learn how to create effectively put together online listings for your products. Explore how you can use photo-editing software to improve your product photos and advertisements.



Maximizing Capacity

Learn about how to maximize your business’s capacity to produce goods or services and explore how a spreadsheet can help you better understand how staff time is used in your business.


Energy Efficiency: Do More For Less

Find out how to assess and reduce energy use in your business to save money and protect the environment. Learn how to use spreadsheets to assess energy use and adjust your practices.


Managing Contact Information

Explore how to gather and access key information about your customers, potential customers, suppliers, and other contacts.


IT for Business Success

Determine the types of technology solutions that best address your business goals. Learn how different technology issues and capabilities directly and indirectly effect your business. 


Customer Relationship Management

Learn how to build your business by using a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Learn how you can better keep track of information about your customers and potential customers, allowing you to build your business.


Hiring Staff

Learn how to select the right candidate for a job and create a job application using word processing software. Go through the process of hiring staff for your business.


Inventory Management

Learn ways to manage your inventory to maintain successful business operations and maximize your profit. Discover different technologies for managing inventory. Learn why inventory management is essential to your business as a whole.


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