We work with all companies of all sizes and across industries to advance women across three main areas.

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Inclusion Needs Assessment

With over 16 years of experience working with organizations to diagnose their diversity needs, Michelle can help you understand best practices and determine key leverage points to focus on.


Tailored Inclusion Strategy Development



Inclusion Program Implementation

Having worked across multiple sectors and countries, Michelle is a sort-after expert on creating diverse and inclusive businesses. Let her help you advise your organization or company's diversity policies and develop tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Featured Collaborations

Michelle King has a tremendous capability to be a strong team leader, an excellent reputation strategist and clear-headed Human Resources consultant. I have worked with Michelle as a partner and co-team member. In both instances, she has proven to be an invaluable thinking partner and project manager. Her combination of communications skills and Human Resources expertise makes her uniquely qualified. Michelle has the ability to carefully consider a challenge and develop workable solutions. She is broad-thinking when needed and detail focused when executing a project.
— Maripat Sexton, Senior Manager Communications at BHP Billiton Petroleum
A competent colleague and an inspiring leader on gender and leadership!
— Eugenia Jenny, Dalalaki Human Resources Learning Specialist at UN Women
Michelle is an expert in developing diversity and inclusion policies and programs. She creates dynamic communications that increase understanding and encourage dialogue. Michelle brings with her a wealth of resources and tools in gender dynamics, politics in the workplace and talent development. She encourages growth and excellence in those around her and is a pleasure to work with.
— Leia Grossman, Policy Analyst at UN Women

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