Understanding The Challenge

The challenges to women’s career advancement and leadership as a complex and unfolding over the course of a woman's career. These challenges and obstacles to women’s advancement arise at the point of joining, as well as throughout the career progression. Women’s paths to career advancement are not simple or direct.
Navigation of these barriers requires persistence and awareness of one’s progress.


This means taking a integrated systems approach to developing strategies to support women in overcoming barriers to advancement throughout their career life cycle. A systems approach means reviewing every element of the organizational architecture – this includes, vision, leadership, culture, people, systems and structure to ensure it is aligned and reinforces the advancement of women in organizations.

These elements are interdependent and need to support each other and be aligned to the same overall objective – advancing women. This is achieved through the development of a a overall framework and strategy that brings these elements together and ensures they are aligned. Developing an off the shelf initiative is not helpful. Rather each organization needs to create an approach that works for them.


building blocks-05.png

To help with this we have outlined the 6 building blocks
to advancing women in the workplace that organizations can|
consider when developing their inclusion strategy.