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Business Communications

Learn the importance of business communications and a simple framework
you can use to improve your business communication skills. 

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Effective Presentations

Learn how to create slide presentations that are well-designed and targeted to particular audiences. Make sure that you express what you want to say clearly, through the use of effective text, images, and examples.

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Business Email

Learn how to write business emails that effectively communicate with customers and suppliers. Explore how to create professional and appropriate business emails for any situation.

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Presenting Data

Learn about different types of charts and graphs that can help people understand and value your business. Discover how to create effective charts using spreadsheet software. Learn how to choose the right kind of chart for the information you want to convey.

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Effective Leadership

Discover different leadership approaches and understand when and how
to use them to be a more effective leader. Learn how to become a stronger
and more effective leader in all aspects of business.


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