Basics of Finance

Learn basic concepts of business finance that help you calculate expenses and find out when you will make a profit. Explore using a spreadsheet to easily make necessary calculations.

Finding Funding

Explore sources for start-up funds for your business. Identify which sources are the best match for your needs and learn what to consider before you apply. Explore how to search the Internet to find potential funders and then bookmark sites you find using social bookmarking. Finally, learn how to download and print applications for funding.


Cash Flow

Explore how to monitor and track your cash flow. Learn how to customize a spreadsheet to track your cash flow. Learn why cash flow is important to your business, and how to make decisions based on the research and results you gather.

Profit and Loss

Learn to calculate profit and loss (P&L) considering all costs, including your hidden expenses. Find out how to customize a P&L spreadsheet to fit your business.

Sales Forecasting

Learn why sales forecasting is important for your business and how to gather information to make a sales forecast. Learn how to customize a spreadsheet to track your sales forecast. Learn how to gather the important information needed to create your sales forecast.


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