Social Media Marketing

Explore a range of different social media marketing campaigns. Learn how to create a social media advertisement that will reach your target customers.


Effective Business Websites

Learn how to build a user-friendly website that meets your business goals and effectively reaches your target audience. Learn how to use a web tool to create a website. 


Your Target Audience

Explore how you can gather information about your customers and potential customers. Learn how to focus your actions on maximizing your impact on that target audience.


Setting Prices

Explore how to price your products and services effectively. Learn how to use word processing software to customize tables that help track information you gather to set your prices. Learn what research to complete to determine prices for your products and services.


Unique Value Proposition

Explore how you can differentiate your business from your competitors' businesses. Learn how to search the Internet more effectively.

Marketing Benefits vs. Features

 Learn how to effectively promote the advantages of your products or services to your target audience in order to help you increase sales. Learn how to use templates to create marketing materials. 


Selling Online

Learn how to maximize the use of selling online in your business. Learn how to create effectively put together online listings for your products. Explore how you can use photo-editing software to improve your product photos and advertisements.


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