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Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister's Message To Women: Be Yourself, It's Good Enough

Never feel like you have to tick all of the boxes on everything to be able to feel like you can do a job. I have heard it said many times before and it is so true. If you sit and wait to feel like you are the most confident person in the room you are probably going to be left by yourself.

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Wendy Williams On Why Women Don't Need To Be Like Men At Work

Don’t feel like you have to act like a man. I think a lot of women think when you want to be powerful all of a sudden you put on this pantsuit and you scrub your face of makeup and you get out there on the front line. And that’s good, and great but there is a way that you can still wear a wrap dress and focus on the good work you do

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Katie Couric’s Advice To Women: Play The Political Game

Instead of the generic advice “work hard and success will come,” Couric added to this by saying “don’t be above playing the game a little bit, with people, because it really ultimately means you are smarter than they are.” But what does it mean to “play the game” and why is it vital for a successful career?

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