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Why Working Hard Is Not Enough To Get Ahead

“Women get so caught up in the ‘performance currency,’" said Carla Harris, vice chairman, managing director and senior client advisor at Morgan Stanley. "We over-invest in this because, in many ways, it is safe. It is black and white. It is much grey-er to take some time out and shoot the breeze with someone because the return on that effort is not clear, and yet this shooting the breeze is very valuable.”

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Mika Brzezinski Shares Five Ways To Grow Your Value At Work

“You know I like the idea of being relentless. If you ask Joe what my qualities are he would say relentless. And he would say it with respect. I am still in the business after age 50. After being fired or ‘phased out’ or kicked down because I am relentless. This is a quality that usually applies to men and I think women can have it too.”

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Wendy Williams On Why Women Don't Need To Be Like Men At Work

Don’t feel like you have to act like a man. I think a lot of women think when you want to be powerful all of a sudden you put on this pantsuit and you scrub your face of makeup and you get out there on the front line. And that’s good, and great but there is a way that you can still wear a wrap dress and focus on the good work you do

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