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Why We Need To Ditch “Fix The Women” Solutions

Companies have been trying to advance women in the workplace for years. The only problem is the solutions tend to be focused on “fixing women”. We see this everywhere. In mentoring, coaching, development and sponsorship programs. In books suggesting women just need to network, negotiate and speak up more to get ahead.

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Arianna Huffington And Citi Are Supporting Women To Do Less And Achieve More

The need to always be available, not only increases our stress levels but it adversely impacts our health. This is more detrimental for women, who have a higher chance of experiencing stress and burnout compared to men.

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Jane Fonda On 'Toxic Masculinity', Teen Pregnancy And How To Increase Women In The Workforce

To knock up girls is a sign of true masculinity. We need to help young men know and feel what a real relationship is like and understand that ‘real men’ are the ones who wait to have children until they are emotionally and financially able to support them

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