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YouTube Stars, The Merrell Twins Are Encouraging Young Women Into STEM

We set up our YouTube channel to do a variety of content. We started about five years ago. We made YouTube videos because it was fun. That turned into more than three million subscribers. Then into a business. We are now running a business.

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Arianna Huffington And Citi Are Supporting Women To Do Less And Achieve More

The need to always be available, not only increases our stress levels but it adversely impacts our health. This is more detrimental for women, who have a higher chance of experiencing stress and burnout compared to men.

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Tackling The Number One Cause Of Gender Inequality At Work: Unequal Pay

We need to look at what women bring to the role, beyond a few bullet points in a job description. Are we paying women aligned with the work that they are doing? I don’t think anyone does this analysis.

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