Girl Up: How You Can Enable Young Women Working To Transform The World

All girls have the power to transform their communities, and the world around them. Girl Up is a global movement of empowered young women leaders who champion gender equality.

“We have an incredible community of girls and young women who are coming together for gender equality. They join from all over the world and we give them resources and the tools they need to advocate and create real, tangible change for girls everywhere,” said Anna Blue, Co-Director of Girl Up.

Any girl can get involved and start their own Girl Up Club. “It is so easy. All you need are five girls and one adult advisor, counselor or teacher and you can start creating change,” she said. Blue said that Girl Up empowers their club members to create their own path to leadership.

“Some girls are really strong advocates and work to make a difference on Capitol Hill. Others build their own personal brand on social media to influence change, and still others raise money to impact the lives of girls”.

For anyone wanting to support Girl Up, the organization takes donations. “Pay attention to what’s happening to girls and women around the world. Right now it’s so critical, and all organizations that empower girls need your help,” says Blue.

Michelle KingComment