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Imagine feeling like you can be yourself at work because you know you will be valued for that. We all deserve workplaces that value our unique identities, skills and talents. But to create this workplace we need to be clear on how inequality works, and why it is everyone’s problem to solve.

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Equality Won’t Be Achieved With The Passing Of Time: Why Younger Generations Hold The Least Progressive Views – with Michelle Harrison

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I often get asked by people, surely gender equality will just be achieved in time? Aren’t we becoming more progressive? Won’t younger generations ensure we have greater equality because they hold more liberal views.  The answer to all these questions is No.   The belief that we will just achieve equality through the passing of time is one of the reasons we will never achieve equality no matter how much time we have.   Equality is a practice it is something that we do. Taking action every day to value difference is something we all need to do to build a more equitable working world.  The starting point for tackling this is being honest about where we are at and the beliefs we hold that inform how we think and the lack of action each of us take to tackle inequality.   On today’s podcast we are joined by Dr Michelle Harrison, Global CEO of Kantar Public, who is going to be discussing the recently published findings of the fourth and extended edition of The Reykjavík Index for Leadership, which highlights entrenched prejudice towards women leaders.

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